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(full-length) Five actors, drama

A family, decimated by loss, finds their way back together in this non-linear comedy. 

  • Published by New York Theatre Experience in Plays and Playwrights in 2005 (Out of print).

  • Excerpts published by Smith and Krauss in their Best Women’s Stage Monologues 2005 and Best Men’s Stage Monologues 2005.

  • Excerpts published by Applause Books in their Best Monologues of the Millennium and DUO! Best Scenes for the Twenty-First Century.

  • 222 More Comedy Monologues published by Smith and Krauss 2017.


(full-length) Ten actors/singers, musical

A theatrical mockumentary about a high school’s championship acapella group.

  • Published and licensed by Samuel French.

  • Note: I was not the sole contributor but collaborated with Andrew Grosso, Alec Duffy, and a group of dedicated actors—more info:​


A discussion at a diner leads a woman willing to die with an opportunity to swim out of the deep end.

  • Published by the Pitkin Review, Spring 2021


(monologue) One actor

A mother reveals how her heartbreak encouraged her daughter to enlist.

  • Published by the Pitkin Review, Fall 2021


(full-length) Eight actors, children’s show with original music by Emily Curtis

Steven, the squirrel, turned two years old today and wants to find the BIGGEST nut. But, instead, he does something more impressive. He forges friendships that will keep his community fed all year round.


  • Commissioned by ART/New York and presented at their South Oxford Space in Brooklyn, NY, in July 2008 and October 2008, with outdoor performances as well.


A one-woman show about how an ordinary day can become extraordinary.


(full-length) five actors, drama

Grace is called home and finds that the only man she ever loved is dying, and now she must care for the boys he leaves behind.


(full-length) four actors/ musicians, two actors (no musical experience required), full band.

A play with music about a love affair between two New Yorkers who share a wall.​



(single camera, hourlong dramedy) 12 episodes​

Set in 1999, Jim, a reluctant rockstar and even more reluctant Jew, just had a shotgun wedding to Lee, a painter, recovering Catholic, and soon-to-be-epileptic. Together they experience a year full of firsts juggling fame, parenting, and two f!#$ed up families.

Transparent meets Better Things, with a little Catastrophe.

  • Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards (Season 7)

  • Sample PILOT and PITCH prepared.


(single camera, half-hour comedy)​

A single-camera coming-of-age half-hour comedy about a woman approaching “forty” (37) whose dream job puts her on a collision course with her past in f!@$n’ Florida.

  • Sample PILOT and PITCH prepared.


(single camera, hourlong dramedy)​

Succession meets Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. A family-run design team works with the globetrotting and ridiculously elite of New York City and the subcontractors who serve them. Each episode showcases before and after design work with family drama and client trauma.

  • PITCH prepared.


(single camera, dramedy)​

Stranger Things meets The Honeymooners. What would you do if you needed to hide a body? An accusatory text leads Jason to call Ryan. Together, they try to navigate the minefield that is their minimal memory of the night before. When a body floats up on the beach during their kid’s field trip, their wives get pissed.


(short film, 22 minutes) Screenwriter, Producer, Director​.  

A teenager dealing with the loss of her brother attempts to participate on the 4th of July. When the dog he left behind bites a child at the party. The festivities are disrupted, and the family tragedy intensifies.   


(web series)​

A husband and wife take a few much-needed drives.


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